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They are also particularly adept at hiding and covering blemishes of any sort. Girls wear formal dresses with a corsage purchased by their date. While she won't win an overall prize for her designs, "there are different projects we do along the way that have scholarship money available," she said. Bee, The (Newspaper) June 8, 1976, Danville, Virginia WIH lead Green Acres Junior Club C was in stalled president of the Green Acres Junior Womens Club Monday night in the home of Carolyn Starkey Before the installation Lon outgoing president noted playground repairs have been completed except for painting The work day to complete repairs will be Tuesday June 15 at pm A family cookout has been planned at Lake at the Records home of Sally Davis July 24 The president was also honored as Woman of the Day and given an engraved charm by the club members Other officers taking posts were Mrs Jordon vice president Peggy P Gravely secretary Judy B Hatley treasurer and Mary Frances Thompson historian The next meeting will be July 6 in the home of Patsy Felts 207 Woodside Drive The Danville Vo Jure 8 1976 ls A Great Bassist Performs For 400 By MARY CAMPBELL AP Bassist Roy Carter has played on more than 400 record albums which makes him as far as he knows the most recorded jazz player in the last two decades On six he was the leader and on the rest he was a sideman But dont be misled A con versation with Carter is not a chat with a typical sideman Be is called for record dates be cause of widespread respect for his talent and he knows that In conversation he doesnt pour false modesty around his ego or sugar coating around anger he feels for the lot of black musi cians When he received a masters degree from the Eastman School of Music in 1961 Carter found he wasnt told about openings in symphonies Thirty years ago and 30 min utes ago he says American symphony orchestras werent anxious to hire black musi cians Carter joined Chico Ham group for some dates and was part of Miles Daviss 196348 Otherwise he has free lanced in jazz I would like not to be one of the troops Ive always felt I wouldnt want to be like any body else What kind of fun is requires a personal stamp Im going to play the way linear it I dont want to be a spear carrier for a tradi dont agree with So now not only does Carter not want to be a member of a symphony and he also has priced himself out of that mar ket but he doesnt want to play classical works which have solo bass parts with or Its not to do Youre totally wrong you play it differently way it was written I feel so opposed to that concept Carters own albums have been one on Prestige in 1961 one on Embryo in 1970 and four on CTI Blues Blues Spanish Blue and Anything Goes out in Octo ber On each album there have been compositions by Carter on Anything Goes there are three Its to illustrate that Im not only a player but also interested in writing One of his compositions is 117 Special My son in school had to take a word and make other words out of it The gimmick was to see who could make the most words He was the winner of the contest He letters Sometimes I think of the about the last train leaving from somewhere and someone has just missed it It depends on Sometimes I hear a melody in and write it down without thinking of a situation about 45 tunes and Im starting to work on words now Most of his compositions have come out of his black back ground Carter says Uptown Conversation was four years ago Rally was 14 years ago Farm is the Post Office because of the blue uniforms The Post Office is the grave yard for black talent If you cant find a job using your tal ent you can get stuck in the Civil Service in there Now if I write about my in digenous background people say Im selling out I estab what I wrote about 15 years ago You cant change RON CARTER what people think Some people say youre selling out by having a hit record And they say people like Herbie Hancock an selling out now that hes r com artist I dont call them that Watermelon Man is not much different how than when he first did it And a player like Wayne Shorter now in Weather Re port is finding that listeners are motivated to check out records he wai making 10 or 15 years ago His from 1963 to 1969 ire getting more radio play now than then and more now For himself Carter prefers the acoustic bass because of the wider range of music avail able to it to the electric music scene that people like Hancock and Shorter have moved He makes a clear distinction in his opinion of groups like Weather Report and rock bands Most rock a horrendous joke on the public Theyre abominable To have people think that it what music about Carter toni 38 years ago in Royal ship Mich first took up cello But he saw that two white cello players were being sent to functions around Detroit from their high school so he switched to bass which nobody was playing so hed get some jobs too When he received a scholar ship to the Eastman School of Music in 1955 he says I knew that jobs for a black graduate were immediately zero I was aware of that when I was 17 and 18 It didnt faze me then I was determined I was going to beat thesystem and be better than anybody else and theyd have to call me I found out that was hardly the case To be better wasnt enough You had to also be white So I said Im going to proceed on my own course And that has been mainly free lancing on recordings One thing Carter thinks bass players is insist on taking solos when theyre mem bers of jazz bands and in gen eral put themselves and their instrument more in the fore ground I think my presence on the musical scene j has kind of changed things The sound I have my style of play ing and what I play I hope have made some listeners a little more conscious of the bass sound in a group as op posed to accepting it and listen ing to something else Bakas Entertained Miss Evelyn Bakas of John Stephanos June 26 was honored at a coffee this weekend in the home of Judge and Mrs Spiros Hostesses were Mrs Skenderis Mrs Larry Pappas and Miss Assisting were Miss Betty Bakas of and Miss Alary Bakas sisters of the Miss Tina Stephanos sister of the prospective bridegroom and Miss Joan Moore also helped A white and pink color scheme was used with a centerpiece of daisies and babys breath on the dining table The was presented a corsage and a gift of crystal Tbe guest lint numbered 45 including Mrs Tom Bakas mother of the honoree Mrs Michael Stephanos mother of the prospective bridegroom and Mrs Maurakis grand mother of Miss Bakas Smiths To tie Honored Mr and Mrs Garnette Nelson Smith of 731 East Stokes Street Danville will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary Saturday June 12 Mr and Mrs Smith were married in Danville and have lived here all their lives Hosting a small family dinner in their honor will be their daughter Mrs Adrian L Terry Jr of Danville and their son Robert G Smith of Bethesda Md Miss Stowe Entertained Mrs James C Miller of her grand daughter J Stowe of Ronald C Dalton Saturday afternoon ata luncheon at the Holiday Inn On arrival Miss Stowe was red silk roses and a gift Of china by the hostess The luncheon tables were covered with gold linen cloths with an arrangement of mixed flowers atop hurricane globes and surrounded by and blue White wicker baskets filled with each place setting Places were set for Mrs Delton E mother of the Mrs Joseph E Dalton mother of the prospective bridegroom Mrs OM Payne Mrs William Allen Mrs Julian Stowe Mrs Paul Shelton Miss Martha Brumfield Miss Carol Clark Mrs Case Jr Jennings Mrs Stuart Harris and Mrs Tracy Griffin NC and Mrs Michael Stowe Pamela Walker Honored Miss Pamela Sue Walker of Thomas Lee Haley was honored at a floating Recreation Center banquet room by Mrs Faye Baker Laura Barbour Mrs Alma Evans and Mrs On arrival the honoree was presented a corsage of white daisies V The gift table was centered with of pink car nations white chrysanthemums and greens The refreshment label was covered with a white eyelet cloth over pink centered with lit pink tapers in A Among those attending E Walker the James F Haley Sr mother of bridegroom Attendants Feted Miss Lois Yvonne Moorefield honored her attendants Sunday June 6 at am at a bridal breakfast in the home of her parents Those attending were Mrs Eugene F Moorefield Jr her A B Roberts her sister Mrs Charles E Cook sister of the bridegroom Miss Cindi Kern Miss Phyllis Payne VV love is Duplicate Play I The Monday night session of Duplicate Bridge drew eight tables of participants to the Ballou Park Nature Center Those winning were NorthSouth Mrs Clarence Edmonds and Mrs BT Harvey Jr first Mrs Gerald Watson and Mrs Roy Ernest second and Mrs James Dodson and Mrs Roger third EastWest Don Reed and Duncan first Dr and Mrs John second and Mrs Dodson Bennett and Mrs BB Leonard third POW Wife Sees Positive Aspects Of Experience MADRAS jumper dress comes in a luscious combination of pink green blue and yellow cotton At polyester and cotton shirt is pink Touches added to this youthful style by Nannette arc buttons and a braided hemp belt ORLANDO FU AP Three years ago Kay Perkins knew that when her husband returned from a North Viet prison camp rebuilding their marriage would take time hard work and patience The investment has paid off We have been married 23 years and that seems to be a danger zone in many Mrs Perkins said But ours has been strength ened For all we know we may even have been spared the ter of a marriage because of What happened to Glen Glendon W Perkins had been a prisoner for years and during that time his wife had transformed from a timid de pendent homemaker into an eloquent sometimes militant spokeswoman for the National League of American POWs and MIAs Kay mancipation had In about six months htr hatbands Air Force plant Was phot down over North Vietnam I realized that I was alone and had to make decisions or myself and our four children said Mrs Perkins 38 X Glen had always managed the money the major de But hi around any more and I had no alternative but to try and take his place Those years were my growing years In numerous television and newspaper interviews during those years Mrs Perkins voiced the fears of many of the POW wives that their hus bands might be disillusioned when returning home to find the girls they left behind had grown up In February 1973 Perkins an Air Force navigator was one of the first released POWs to re turn home and he met his fam ily at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama amidst national fanfare But soon the Perkins family found itself going through a pe riod of readjustment f At first Glen and I tried to take up where we had left off But that was impossible Mrs Perkins said It is fruitless to look for similarities to the past So after a period of adjust ment we began a whole new marriage for we were totally different people We were just similar to that other couple who married 20 years before Perkins decided to remain in the Air Force and entered col lege where he is studying busi ness administration Mrs Perkins said her hus bands return posed no deep problems for her children ranging in ages now from 21 to 17 While he was away I tried to run a democratic family with everyone taking part in the decisionmaking she said But soon after Glen returned he told the kids that it was still a democracy and he had all the votes Many POWs returned home from an unpopular war only to find their marriages broken Mrs Perkins remembers the lost time but considers her marriage now better than ever Yorbrough Reunion Set The annual Da vid Yarbrough reunion will be held Sunday June 12 at the Community Building in Semora NC Lunch will be served at 1 pm THE BEAUTY BAR For 10 MN shelling Pistachios for her TM Rg US ft rti 1976 by Lifesaving Class Set The Danville Parks and Re creation Department is of fering a course in lifesaving at the Averett College pool begin ning Monday and continuing through July 2 from 6 to 8 pm Mondays through Thursdays The fee will be Partici pants must be at least 16 years old and advanced swimmers On successfully completing the course a certificate in sen ior lifesaving will be awarded For further information and registration call the JW Squire Armory 7995214 Danville BPW To Meet Thursday The June meeting of the Danville Business and Profes will be held Thursday June in at the King of the Sea The Civic Par committee will con duct this meeting Theodore Landis Major Boyce R Bran don Scearce and District Di rector Mrs Ruth Smith as well as other special guests will be members to a1 special ef fort to join fellowship of By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor Weve tasted all kinds of her bal teas How can you avoid it Theyre so in that friends bring them as gifts hostesses serve them at the drop of a tea bag But it wasnt until we tasted a simple homemade formula for Mint Tea that we were fired to offer you a recipe for a her bal infusion If you try it we hope you too are enthusiastic about it In cool weather Mint Tea is delightful served hot In warm weather Mint Tea is wonderfully refreshing served iced MINT TEA 1 tablespoon whole cloves 1 cup loose tea leaves cup dried mint flakes 2 tablespoons dried diced orange peel Wrap cloves in a piece of clean old sheeting or tripled cheesecloth Pound with a mal let or hammer until finely crumbled In a mixing bowl stir together the crumbled cloves tea mint flakes and orange peel Store in a container with a tight fitting cover Makes about cups To brew use one rounded teaspoonful of the Mint Tea mixture for each teacup of freshly water used Use boiling water to rinse out the inside of the teapot so it will be warm Add the Mint Tea to the teapot pour the boiling water over it stir Cover and let stand for about three minutes Pour through a tea strainer into teacups Pass sugar for those who wish it To use for iced tea pack tall glasses with ice pour the hot Mint Tea over the ice serve with pers and pass finely granulated sugar for those who wish it Note orange peel called for is widely available because many herb and spice Miss Aaron tarry Rye Complete Plans Miss Linda Diane Aaron daughter of Mr and Mrs George H Aaron Jr of Wood Ave and Larry Clayton Rye son of Mrs Patsy Carter of Park Ave and Henry Clayton Rye of completed plans for Ert They will exchange Saturday June 12 at 7 pm in the social room of the School field Recreation Center LD SubDebs To Meet Tonight The LD will meet with Becky Dewberry 152 Clement Ave at 7 pm This Is a mandatory meeting MINT delightful whether it is served hot or iced companies pack it MORE ABOUT MINT The British photographer and mountaineer Tom Stobart in his fascinating book titled Herbs Spices and Flavorings writes that mint is commonly used in Spain and Italy It is his belief however that mint does not combine well with garlic Thus he does not recommend it for Spanish and Italian dishes in which garlic is used Stobart goes on to say that In all the countries of the Le vant and Middle East mint is again o common flavoring as it also is in We have always mint tea served as lemon or lime orand sugar Stobart writes that in India mint tea is served sweet and iv BARBARA MOORE FOWLER Is Now With f EMPIRE BEAUTY SALON Formerly owned and operated Barbaras Hair Styles in Greensboro Moores Beauty Shop 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The store also allows their registered customers to redeem their accumulated loyal points on some of the dresses. Or maybe you are leaning toward one of the short and sexy hairstyles. parajumpers oslo
This woman could have just folded her tent and went home, if you know what I mean. An exposed zipper slices up the back of one emerald silktiered number, while paisley patchwork swirls around a bold oneshoulder piece by John Paul Gaultier. Canada goose Outlet
Browsing the collection of prom dresses on line we found this prom dress with a detachable skirt. However, this works best if you have a bright decor theme for the house. http://www.slatterypod.com/2013/10/parajumpers-long-bear-velvet-coat/ The free coloring pages are a good way of expressing feelings and of learning how to define things through color. I'd forget about trying to actually attempt buying her makeup.
http://www.djjeffstallings.com/2013/10/17/parajumpers-herren-lederjacke/ For the number of brides, no, still the same. Most of the patterns featured three to five colors that laborers applied to silk screens by hand, saturating the fabric.
http://www.numartexpo.ca/2013/10/canada-goose-womens-winter-coats/ If you want, you could ask for help from the sales ladies so that they would pick the best dress for you. Another 100150 students are helped through this outreach..
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Signed the slip of paper when she was 69.